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"Dystopia: Il Paradiso" is the first part of the trilogy "Dystopia" (Il Paradiso, Inferno, Purgatorio). The text, original and unpublished, is autobiographical and confessional.

The actress is the carrier of dystopia as she is a person with chronic neurological disease. Nothing is beautified, nothing is hidden, everything is put before the public, which is called upon to decide whether the diffusion of boundaries, between reality and fiction, allows the personal experience to be transformed into a work of art. Direction highlights body stabi- lity, as opposed to the inner process and mental state of mind.

Written and Performed by Marianna Pafite

Director:  Loucas Ioannou
Music: Maria Zannetou
Costumes: Romina Polimniou
Photographer: Emre Soykan
Graphic Design: Giannos Christoforou

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