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Cultural Organization

The name Neofytos Cultural Organization is dedicated to the memory of the thirteen-year-old Neophytos Antoniou, from Limassol, son of Christiana and Neoklis Antoiou.

Neofytos was deceased on 09/10/2013 by Astrocytoma.

One of the key objectives of Neofytos Cultural Organization is to eliminate as much possible the social exclusion that many people with disabilities experience. In the religious tradition of our Island Saint Neofytos was remoted in a cell. So the name of the organization is harmoniously tied to the issue of exclusion. Beyond that, the etymology of the name derives, from the  the ancient Greek verb φύω/φύομαι, meaning the newborn just as the Neophytos organization is, both conceptually and philosophically. Both in English Neophyte, as in French Neophyte and the German Neophyt, the organization retains the same name.

1. Establishment of "Disability Culture" through multiple and varied actions.

2. Eliminating the social exclusion that many people with disabilities experience. Cultural actions have parallel objectives such as the social inclusion of people with disabilities, enhancing the sense usefulness social offering, social awareness and education.

3. Innovative proposals in education and promotion of lifelong learning programs for people with disabilities.

4.  Cooperation with  international organizations of people with disabilities. Emphasis on cooperation with Turkish Cypriot people with disabilities, aiming at "Peace of Disability".

5. Surveys / Studies to collect quantitative and qualitative data on the level of participation of people with disabilities in all sectors of Cypriot society, on state infrastructures supporting the social inclusion of people with disabilities, as well as on accessibility.

6. ''Disability Awareness'': various projects aiming at social awareness.


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