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Group Art Exhibition 2019

"Neofytos" Cultural (Disability) Organization in collaboration with Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts




Dis Group Art Exhibition

The exhibition ‘Dis’ aims to approach Disability based on its social interpretation model, namely the imposition of peripheral and social constraints on the action of Humans with Disabilities. According to the social model, disability is the result of the way people think about it and the social importance they attach to it. According to this approach, disability is caused by specific social and political practices.

Through this perspective, artists and audience will have the opportunity to understand disability differently, to reflect on it, to revise their established perceptions of it and to come to terms with a contemporary social issue that is affecting much of our society. The aim of the exhibition is to create contemporary works of art that will develop critical thinking and raise awareness through disability.

"Neofytos" Cultural (Disability) Organization is supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts.

The exhibition will be curated by Loucas Ioannou and Christina Michaelides.

For further information, please contact 70088180​

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